The Search for Self with Tytia Habing

When it comes to photography, Tytia Habing’s camera primary focuses family, friends, and how those players navigate life in mid-western America. However, it would be entirely inaccurate to assert that the artist is strapped firmly to recording the ins and outs of everyday life, lacking any sort of interest in the intangible and metaphysical. In her series of self portraits, Habing uses her body as a vessel to explore the concepts behind identity through light and form. Curiously, the viewer is only allowed access to bits and pieces of the “real” Tytia – objects, shadows, and careful crops obscure her appearance to varying degrees.  The stark black and white portraits also vary stylistically, ranging from frank, candid mirror-front selfies to dreamy, stylized moments. Instead of focusing on a singular approach to answer questions, she instead tackles personal mystery from a variety of angles, revealing facets of herself through each standalone frame. 

All photos are courtesy of Tytia Habing.

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