Dialogues between body(s) and space(s) with Tjaša Kalkan

The Dialogues series is an attempt in exercising freedom in public space. Guided by the subjective experience of restrictions, imposed on the physical and psychological behavior in everyday life, Tjasa Kalkan is recreating quotidian urban landscapes by photographing a female body which performs in relation to random passersby.

The body gestures are inspired by child behavior, as a way of increasing disobedience, curiosity, play, or simply relaxation, hence producing various body experiences, which in turn question our habits and social norms. Through these actions Tjasa Kalkan is creating potential dialogues between body(s) and space(s), in order to defamiliarize our ways of seeing and using the body.


Tjaša Kalkan was born 1987 in Travnik (B&H), she lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. She exhibited her photographic work at seven solo and over twenty group exhibitions. She worked as a set photographer on several international film sets, collaborated with many theatre, film, dance and music projects and festivals. In 2017 she won the Red Carpet Young European Art Award from Austria and  the Audience Award at the HT-Croatian Contemporary Art Competition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. 

All photos and text are courtesy of Tjasa Kalkan.

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