Moroccan Eyes with Stephane Deleersnijder

“Moroccan eyes” was realized in Morocco between 2017 and 2019 by Stephane Deleersnijder. This street photography project aims to talk about Morocco, its inhabitants, its culture and its urban environment through a central visual component of photography: the looks.

The conductive thread of Stephane Deleersnijder’s project is this notion of looks: passersby who look at each other, flee, deny or avoid each other; people watching something outside the frame; men and women who look at me, avoid me, and even defy me.

This concept of looks is also Stéphane Deleersnijder’s way of saying: this is my view of Morocco, my point of view … in Stéphane Deleersnijder’s images we can firstly experience the gaze of photographed subjects, then the photographer’s gaze and finally the look of those who are the spectators of images. “Moroccan eyes” is a way of underlining an obvious idea: a photograph is above all an object destined to be observed.

All photos are courtesy of Stephane Deleersnijder.

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