A City of Contrasts by Sam Gregg

On its long journey of evolving, contemporary photography sometimes loses focus and its true meaning starts to echo in the distance blurring the line of what is meaningful and what is not. In Sam Gregg’s series “See Naples and Die” it feels like Photography is back to its purest form, brutally honest and personal. The images depict a city of contrasts: cultural heritage and ignorance, soft light and harsh faces, birth and death. In this bold documentary tale even the contrasting colours of red and blue seem to coexist in symbiosis portraying a marginalized society where both young and old live together and yet so alone.

The many faced Naples does not unfold gently, it breaks into the frame like a brute and shows you it’s volatile streets, in their genuine, raw form – captured through the lens of the photographer. Quoted by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous sentence “See Naples and die” is still completely relevant in the visual world of the author, only this time the golden age of progress has given way to the era of cultural amalgamation. And yet, frame by frame, posing proudly the people of Naples reveal their city for you to see.

All photos are courtesy of Sam Gregg.