A perfect prelude of lights and shadows by Ruben Plasencia Canino

“Obscure” is a photographic project made by Ruben Plasencia Canino with the collaboration of the company ONCE in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Currently, the incessant race prejudices and stereotypes grows exponentially, these faces create a mockery of that idealized desire finding the own beauty. There is no person more qualified and faithful for this, that a blind man who saying goodbye to his vision, seeks archaic and more reliable ways to read between lines and capture the true essence of being. The composition of the portrait simply a figure and a ground, looking for a hard contrast and avoiding external factors to eliminate any possible distraction from what is really important, “THE LOOK”.

Far from being a simple visual appetizer, this project tells the deepest intimacy of the look, creating a perfect prelude lights and shadows of those who can not see, making us feel the main character in the novel “Ensayo sobre la ceguera”. Crude at the same time discreet, we are given the great opportunity to observe closely and stopped the devastating effects of blindness.

All photos and text are courtesy of Ruben Plasencia Canino.