At Every Crossroads There is an Opportunity with Poike Stomps

The array of photographs in Poike Stomps’s “Crossing the USA” demonstrates his fascination for the interactions we face in life. Poike Stomps traveled to 7 capital cities in the U.S. and shows us the daily lives of Americans at intersections. We all have somewhere we are going, and the streets we walk pave the way for our journeys and relationships we create. An intersection is a point where two streets join. We feel we need to cross the street in order to get to the next destination. There is no obstacle in our way, the crosswalk is merely a gateway to our destination.

If we feel like the intersection is in our way of getting to where we want to go, we’ll never get there. Poike Stomps presents us with a chance to change our perception of an obstacle to an opportunity, an opportunity to interact and to intersect. The people we face at a crossroads can become a friend and share a connection we didn’t think was possible. Poike Stomps shows us that we are more alike than different, despite how one dresses or what job we have. Let’s be open to connection and the shared paths we all take.

All photos are courtesy of Poike Stomps.