Maximillian Virgili’s México

In Maximillian Virgili’s “México”, we see the simple and yet beautiful images of Mexican life. From the fruits, to the trees, the people, and crafts of a culture and country, we see how much the people want to preserve the country’s history. Maximillian Virgili sheds light on the importance of eco-tourism, and the importance of preserving the lands natural habitats. When we appreciate the essential elements of what makes the earth function, then we can build and create anything.

Maximillian Virgili puts an emphasis on purely observing what is around us, and seeing the elements of life change and grow. We see the fruits on the trees, people working in the harbor, and people playing on the beach. Enjoy letting the process unfold as it wants to, as it is destined to. We learn to let nature take its course, like how a flower’s bud gestates and pops out of the ground. Let it take control of its growth and development. We simply just need to water and feed the flower’s habitat, and let inspiration come through to determine the next step. Feel free to roam in your own habitat, and trust it will be taken care of and loved.

All photos are courtesy of Maximilian Virgili.

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