The Odd and Opportune according to Max Slobodda

German artist ​Max Slobodda​’s brand of homegrown street photography is quickly gaining international traction. Travelling through Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Cologne, Brussels, and beyond, the bright colors and harsh full-frontal flash featured in his imagery presents as almost surreal at times. Anonymous strangers meander through the environment, faces obscured by lights, structures, and crop.

Devoid of identity, emotions, and context, Slobodda invites viewers to instead draw connections through the small details and gestures he’s chosen to include. Consequently, these poignant shots stray far from the genre’s straightforward photojournalistic roots. Instead, the photos usher us into a world that, more often than not, proves to be stranger than fiction.

All photos are courtesy of Max Slobodda.

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