The Vibrant Visions of Lisa Carletta

A seasoned fashion photographer, Lisa Carletta’s commissioned work in digital media is centered largely based around glamour and beauty. Her paychecks depend on getting models – primarily women – to look the best that they possibly can. At first glance, the blonde women featured in La Vie en Rose seem as though they could be could be a part of some chic campaign. However, the blank expressions and stiff poses they sport hint at something a bit more cynical – each shot feels as if it was carefully arranged inside of a dollhouse.

Deeply inspired by her own experiences, Lisa Carletta doesn’t shy away from manufacturing candy-coated worlds all her own. Indeed, these fantasies prove to be the perfect vessel to explore and critique the quest for an idealized self in an inherently imperfect world.

Recurring themes in Carletta’s work are often taken from her personal life, in which memories of her own experiences take a central role. In doing so, she creates images that are whimsical and colorful, that simultaneously reveal common human insecurities and anxieties. Lisa’s work fabricates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems.

All photos are courtesy of Lisa Carletta.

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