A Moment Alone With The Perfect Stranger by Julien Legrand

A 28mm lens and the peculiar ability to roam the streets at the right moment seem to be the best companions for Julien Legrand. Born in France and currently living in Lille the author has been drawn to street photography since he was a child. He admits he’s never without his camera and that photography is “an obsession” for him. His passion for capturing the fleeting moment is revealed to the viewers in his bold and intriguing series “A moment alone”.

In a similar to Martin Parr approach Legrand portrays people of different age and gender who are always in public places, but are never interacting with others. They seem to be consumed by their state of mind, not noticing the photographer next to them. No matter if they are on the beach, on a busy square or at a local café, none of the subjects seem to be interested in what is going on around them. At this precise moment they’re the perfect strangers, somehow too lost in themselves to be able to connect with the rest of the world.

Although Julien’s compositions look like they’re carefully planned and turned into perfect shots, the truth is that for the author this not an intentional process, it’s solely a matter of talent and spontaneity.

All photos are courtesy of Julien Legrand.

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