In Between the Light with Jackie Jack

In Jackie Jack ’s “In Between the Light”, we see the contrast between how the immigrants in Chinatown live in New York City and how the rest of Americans live. We also see what it means to be an immigrant and how isolated we can feel in a country where we want to feel free. Chinatown in New York City is captured through Jackie Jack’s lens thoughtfully and compassionately by highlighting the cultural aspects through a collage of restaurants, flower shops, outside markets, and statues. What we see more deeply are the shadows cast upon the figures in the frames, exaggerating the feeling of being an outsider.

The reality of being an immigrant comes from wanting to move away from our home country to another, while at the same time holding on tight to the past. If we want to feel accepted and have a new chapter in life in our new home, we need to let go of the fear of losing culture and traditions and accept where we are destined to be. Jackie Jack’s photos help us to strike a balance between being proud of our heritage while at the same time accepting new ideas and opportunities.

All photos are courtesy of Jackie Jack.

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