Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to submit?
Anyone can submit their images to any PhotoChronicles competition. Amateur and professional photographers alike are invited to share their work, regardless of location. We do require users under 18 years of age to obtain the consent of a guardian before submitting work.

Can I submit older work?
Yes. We do not employ any sort of cut-off dates, and you’re free to submit old photographs – no matter how old they may be.

Can I submit to just one competition?
Absolutely. However, your submission fee buys you entry into all three of our ongoing competitions. By submitting work to our street, portrait, and documentary competitions, you increase your chances of exposure.

I just submitted my work. Will I be receiving any sort of email confirmation or receipt of my entry?
No, we do not send confirmation emails when images are uploaded. However, if you’d like to check on the status of your submission(s), you can take a look at your Submission History

I’m not sure if my submissions uploaded correctly. Is there any sort of indicator that will let me know whether or not you’ve received my images?

If your images uploaded correctly, you should be able to see a small thumbnail of your photograph (along with caption) in your submission history. If you do not see the thumbnail, the image was not received. If something went wrong with your submission, please try again or contact us.

Is it possible to edit my images after submitting them to a competition?
No. All submissions are final, and we do not allow any sort of changes once a photo has been uploaded.

Copyright information

If I submit my photographs to PhotoChronicles, will I ownership rights to my images?
Yes – no matter what, you will retain copyright of any image you submit.

Payment Plans

What does PhotoChronicles Bundle Plan offer?
The bundle plan allows users to submit to any and all of PhotoChronicles current competitions for a flat, one-time fee. That means that your payment grants you eligibility to submit to our Street, Portrait, and Documentary awards.

How does the Infinite Plan differ from the Simple or Bundle Plan?
The Infinite plan grants users the ability to submit to all of call for entries for the next 3 months. Like the Bundle plan, you’ll pay for the Infinite plan up front and won’t be subject to recurring submission fees.

How do I pay submission fees?
When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to finalize your account and provide payment information. All payment is handled securely through We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Alternatively, you may checkout using Paypal.

Images Requirements

How many images will I be allowed to submit?
For the Street and Portrait awards, applicants may submit up to 5 images per month. We judge these submissions independently from one another, and we do not require that they all be a part of the same series. For Documentary award applicants, we allow submissions of up to 20 images so long as each photograph contributes to a coherent body of work that tells some sort of narrative.

Can I submit the same image(s) to multiple competitions?
In short, yes. We appreciate there is overlap within the street, portrait, and documentary genres, and will not enforce any sort of restrictions or penalizations if you feel that your body of work fits into more than one category.

Can I enter an image that I submitted for an older competition again?
Yes. Each competition is judged independently. What one juror may have overlooked may very well grab the attention of a different juror.

Can I submit photographs that I’ve already had published?
Yes – so long as you’ve the rights to do so.

Which file format should I be using for my submissions?
We accept JPEG and PNG files. Please do not send images in TIFF, PSD, or PDF formats.

What size should each file be?
Please do not send image files that exceed 2MB.

Is there any sort of naming convention that I should apply to my files?
No, there’s no need to rename your image files.

Should I watermark my images?
No, please refrain from adding watermarks to your images. We will provide image owners with due credit, including the artist’s name and a link to their portfolio or social media account.

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