Surrender in the Midst of the Foggy Journey by Etienne Buyse

In Étienne Buyse’s “Temps d’arrêt”, we see moments of our journeys to our desired destinations. At every bus stop, there is a moment to pause and reflect or refresh from our day. We might feel forced to wait, eager to get on to the next bus. We might also choose to take a break, simply refreshing ourselves. The foggy, opaque glass is like the overwhelming unclarity of our mind, swirling with thoughts. We see friends, mothers and daughters, men, and women looking for the way. What if the way is already within us? Our sense of direction, our compass is within.

Etienne Buyse captures the difference between a moving car and a pedestrian waiting at a bus stop, highlighting how we feel about stillness versus moving through space. Who says people in motion are making more progress than those who are taking a break? In a society obsessed with productivity, we forget to realize progress starts from taking care of ourselves. The next time you’re at a bus stop, waiting to meet up with a friend who’s late, or just when you feel like things aren’t going your way, take it as a moment to breathe and just be.

All photos are courtesy of Etienne Buyse.