Black Magic, Santeria, Witchcraft and Satanism with Erin Lee

Veneration by Erin Lee is an exploration into the growing legion of people in Mexico who feel cast aside by the Catholic Church, unprotected by the state and have turned to worshipping their own modern deities and folkloric saints as a way of coping with exclusion from the prevailing social system, its rights and privileges.

The practices of these new faiths are often surreal twists of Aztec rituals and Catholic beliefs, mixing black magic, Santeria, witchcraft and Satanism. The common characteristic between the various groups is that they may not have been particularly  religious but neither were they atheists. Devotees invented their own rules to continue their chosen lifestyle without conviction, often living or working in precarious areas they turn to their preferred deity for protection.           

Drawing attention from political and religious leaders alike, who believe these new religious movements have added to Mexico’s rise in violent crimes,they continue to gain reputation for being tied to violent groups, the drug and sex trades. When in reality, these movements have formed in response to a brutal social and political system, as a mechanism to cope with such circumstances

All photos are courtesy of Erin Lee