Altered Realities and Blurred Visions with Eduardo Asenjo

When we think about what is considered street photography the most common picture that comes to our mind is a wide angle image with sharp focus that reveals a chance encounter into the heart of a busy urban surrounding. The Chilean photographer Eduardo Asenjo Matus breaks away from this cliché with confidence proving that street photography doesn’t necessarily need to be a mere documentation of a city landscape.

In his inspiring photo series “Scars”, Eduardo Asenjo follows the story of each of his characters in the midst of the crowd. Focusing on just one person who stands out, he lets all the others around become blurred shadows, seemingly dissolving into the air. Each person moves at their own pace which combined with the low exposure technique creates shadows with different density. It also adds to the overall dynamic of the images, turning people into individual strokes on Eduardo Asenjo’s canvas.

In one of his interviews the photographer admits that for him street photographs are watercolor paintings. He also quite openly shares that having hearing problems is what inspired him to alter reality, turn it into an artistically blurred vision and develop his unique style. As recognizing voices and focusing on conversations on the street became harder and harder, it was easier to percept the world around him as a multi-layered work of art on a canvas.

All photos are courtesy of Eduardo Asenjo.

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