Walk your Walk by David Nelson-Hospers

In David Nelson-Hospers‘s “Foot Traffic”, we see the basic representation of how we go about our day: our feet. David Nelson-Hospers captures the importance of movement and how we decide where we go or not go. The connection between our brain and our heart determines the decisions we make in using our feet. What motivates us? What’s the instinct driving us forward? What is stopping us from moving forward? Most of the time what is stopping us is fear. Whenever there is a painful experience, like an injury depicted in one of David Nelson-Hospers’ photographs, we might learn that it’s painful to move forward. In order to move past that fear, it’s important to embrace the pain and to listen to our intuition.

David Nelson-Hospers also focuses on how we transport ourselves, whether it be by foot, subway, bike, a parent, a car, etc. We all rely on these forms of transportation. Do we take advantage of them? Do we appreciate them? Nelson-Hospers shows us that sometimes we need to take a rest, to love on our most basic form of transportation. In a society where it is all about doing, we forget that being is important. Be present for a moment, to just stop and reflect on the intention behind your actions. Walk with love, walk with purpose, and walk your walk.

All photos are courtesy of David Nelson-Hospers.

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