Love, Life and Death in Mexico by Charlie Kwai

A photographer who got his start documenting the busy streets of Picadilly Circus, Charlie Kwai developed a deep seeded interest in observing others as soon as he got his hands on a camera of his own. Since then, his fascination has taken him around the world. Suspending fleeting moments with harsh flash, each photograph establishes a sense of place through the people inhabiting the environment itself.

Charlie Kwai is part of Tripod City (a photo collective composed of Charlie Kwai and photographers Chris Lee and Paul Storrie). The three of you have also produced works based on travels through Ghana and China. Many of his photographs included in Sweet Dreams retain a snapshot-like candid quality to them – almost as if you’ve entered a scene, captured a moment, and left as quickly as he came.

All photos are courtesy of Charlie Kwai

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