Chance Encounters Through the Lens of Aaron Berger

Aaron Berger ​hasn’t always considered himself a photographer. For years, he was a professional online poker player. Before that, he focused all of his energy into soccer. If there’s any one thing his colorful background can tell us, it’s this – whatever the task he’s fixated on happens to be, he dives into it 110%. These days, it’s not uncommon for him to spend hours wandering the busiest streets of Manhattan, weaving in and out of hustle and bustle. As such, the images he produces convey vibrance and perpetual motion. 

Inspired by the likes of Gary Winogrand, Berger’s photographs are more akin to unconscious reactions, products of chance created in a place full of action. In other words, the young artist fearlessly lets intuition serve as his guide as he ceaselessly pushes forward through the terrain of New York City.  

All photos are courtesy of Aaron Berger.